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Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 9am to 6pm


Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery Clinic

All over aesthetic issues; Implants, lifts, prosthetic and replacements procedures. Breast (remodeling procedures even breast cancer), abdominal remodeling, Face, neck, arms and legs. Post bariatric surgery remodeling procedures Sex Re-assignment…

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Thoracic Surgery Clinic

All over Pulmonary resection surgery, Thoracoscopic minimally invasive procedures, malignant diseases (Lung Cancer), tumors, masses and nodules. All over Pleural diseases procedures, conventional and thoracoscopic surgery, benign and malignant (metastatic)…

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General Surgery Clinic

Laparoscopic Surgery; Gallbladder, Esophagus Surgery (tumors and benign diseases), Hiatal Hernia (complex problems), Small Bowell surgery (benign and malignant diseases), Colo-Rectal Surgery (benign and malignant diseases) colon surgery and includes¬†Laparoscopic…

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Bariatric Surgery Clinic

All over the Initial assessment, preparation issues; (nutritional, psychological and medical support), surgery event and following process for morbid obesity. Best and innovate surgery techniques in terms of the right…

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Cardiology Clinic

Cardiac ischemic disease (all over cardiac revascularization, interventional catheterization and open surgery) Valvular Heart disease (minimally invasive TAVR) Aortic anaurysm; catheter graft repairmen and conventional surgery repair

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