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Mexico as attractive healthcare destination

However, there are different opinions and external perspectives worldwide outside of Mexico.

Recent International statistics reveal a different consensus about the real condition of Mexico as a country medical tourism destination. With a population of more than 122 Million and the only developing destination in North America, Mexico is the 15th largest economy in the world. Its healthcare system is a mix of public and private, and the destination just recently achieved universal healthcare coverage. The destination’s uneven distribution of wealth is what makes the private healthcare system so big, as approximately 66% of the 4,500 hospitals are privately owned. This tells us that the public healthcare centers are usually overcrowded, as two thirds of its population rely on the public system, and many times they will even seek cheap private healthcare as a way to avoid waiting long periods of time to get treated. This situation creates a problem with the quality, certification and reliability of the private institutions, making it complicated for the patients. But in the end, its proximity to the United States, gives the private healthcare system the opportunity of looking outside the destination for incremental business.

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